A Unique Way for Students to Connect with Their Community Through Research

This research project combines reading, writing, mapping, interviewing, and local site visits. It blends traditional research techniques with innovative visual brainstorming exercises and uses maps for research, reflection and sharing. Our project gets students thinking about how they relate to the community around them and encourages them to examine how their water system and water use impacts the environment. Sustainability is a pressing topic for this and future generations, making this particular research project both unique and important.

Go with the Flow will Enrich Your Curriculum

This short-term research project delves into a topic that is important, relevant and will engage students’ critical thinking skills. The project is intended to enrich your curriculum by better preparing students for state assessments and life after high school. The research, use of technology, Cornell note taking, and emphasis on developing professional communication and presentation skills will give students valuable tools for succeeding as college students, and eventually, as professionals. This project also offers an excellent opportunity to assess student learning by way of a final project that includes an investigative report, blog post and interactive maps.

 Aligns with the Common Core Standards

The Go With the Flow curriculum aligns with these Common Core Standards:

  • Reading: Key Ideas and Details; Integration of Knowledge and Ideas; Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity
  • Writing: Text Types and Purposes; Production and Distribution of Writing; Research to Build and Present Knowledge; Range of Writing
  • Speaking and Listening: Comprehension and Collaboration; Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas; Vocabulary Acquisition and Use

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